FinTech 2021: 20 Articles for FinTech Experts

3 min readDec 23, 2020


As the new year approaches it is a great time to recap 2020 outcomes, review market activity and expert predictions for 2021 to tailor the strategy accordingly. This year was full of unpredicted events with the pandemic and lockdown as major ones that had a strong influence on the financial industry. In this list, we summarized 20 recommendable articles to help you navigate to 2021.

FinTech Global Trends 2021

The global FinTech ecosystem continued to grow and develop during 2020, despite slight funding cool down. With worldwide fostered digital transformation, more focus on unbanked population and FinTech regulations, technology advances, 2021 is expected to become another prominent year for the FinTech industry. Let us take you through a global FinTech market overview and predictions for the near future:

  1. Major activities and trends within the FinTech market globally and in the key regions — KPMG Report
  2. Top FinTech trends and predictions for 2021 by financial experts
  3. Digital payment innovations tendencies which simplify business financial operations and save money

FinTech and COVID-19

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on both consumers and business behavior, which means that companies should adapt as fast as possible to the new normal. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful factors which will shape FinTech and banking players’ actions in 2021.

Read about:

  1. Why are FinTechs designed to thrive in the COVID-19 environment
  2. Challenges and opportunities for FinTechs in times of COVID-19
  3. Role of FinTech in the post-COVID-19 world

Bank and FinTech Partnership

In recent times, it became obvious that the Bank and FinTech partnership is a win-win situation for both sides. Banks become more innovative, digital and customer-centric, while FinTechs get regulation-compliant financial services. Establishing such a partnership will be seen as a priority for many financial institutions and FinTechs in 2021. Thus, it is crucial to find the right partner to thrive together.

Find out:

  1. 5 Bank and FinTech partnership ideas to generate revenue
  2. 3 key considerations for a successful Bank and FinTech partnership
  3. Tips for FinTech startups on partnering with banks

Top FinTech vendors and players as of 2020

Whether you are an investor keeping an eye on startups to contribute to or a fintech startup looking for a trustworthy software provider to build your idea, it is useful to be aware of market players and their activity. Here you’ll find “Top” lists for several market segments.

Get to know:

  1. 250 Most promising FinTech Startups
  2. Top 10 White-Label Wallet Solution Providers
  3. Top 5 Mobile Banking Solution Providers
  4. Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions
  5. Top 10 FinTech Accelerators And Incubators in Europe

Technology Trends in the Financial Sector

Advanced technology not only shapes customers’ behavior but also helps companies gain a competitive edge on the market. Industry experts predict that in 2021 the finance industry will be greatly influenced by AI implementation, decentralized finance and open banking approaches, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

Learn more about:

  1. AWS and Microservices for FinTech applications
  2. Decentralized Finance and DeFi Trends
  3. Big AI trends that will revamp FinTech
  4. 5 ways Artificial Intelligence is transforming finance
  5. How to enhance KYC with blockchain
  6. Multiexperience in the financial industry




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