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Best 5 white-label crypto exchange platforms to kickstart your business.

Setting up a crypto-currency exchange offers enormous business potential in a market where trade in cryptocurrencies is booming globally. However, competition is intensifying as the number of crypto-exchanges multiplies.

Since October last year, the number of exchanges listed on coinmarketcap has increased by 31% to 341 exchanges. This steep increase not only shows the growth in the market for trading platforms but also highlights how important it will be for your platform to stand out so that you become the crypto-currency exchange of choice for crypto-traders.

So how can you get in on the action quickly and set up a cryptocurrency exchange that will offer you all the functionality you believe will set you up for future success? You can develop an exchange platform from scratch, or you can buy a turnkey, white-label platform that allows you to get up and running in a matter of weeks.

These two paths offer different benefits and drawbacks, so it is worth taking the time to consider which will best suit not only your immediate but also your long-term, needs.

To build a crypto-currency exchange, you will need considerable technical expertise, resources and time to develop a platform that can compete with those already on the market. Whereas a white-label platform offers a ready-made, cost-effective solution that you can brand and customize to bring alive your vision of what a crypto-currency should be providing your target market.

There are several realities you need to consider when deciding whether to build your cryptocurrency platform. These include:

  1. Developing a proprietary crypto-currency exchange will give you a uniqueness not available in a white-label platform.

In contrast, a white-label cryptocurrency platform offers the following:

  1. Although the technology platform is not custom made, the leading white-label platform providers will offer you all the functionality you need to build a crypto-currency platform that is competitive and puts you at the leading edge of the industry.

Of course, if you decide to go with the white-label solution option when building your exchange, you will need to choose that company that has the most experience, the best track record and a range of capabilities and solutions that best meet your needs.

Things you will need to take into consideration when you are making your choice include the solution architecture a company uses, the platform’s digital assets storage capabilities, compliance standards, security, scalability for future growth and what costs are involved.

To help you narrow down the choices, we have identified a list of the top 5 white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions and highlighted why they are worth considering and what they have to offer.


Alphapoint is a quality software developer that has been operating since 2013 and is known for having a management team that has a strong background in traditional finance. It’s also the only technology provider offering both primary issuance and secondary trading solutions in digital assets.

AlphaPoint claims to be able to create a cryptocurrency exchange in 20 days, and its product offering includes exchange software, its AlphaPoint Remarketer, asset digitization and e-OTC trading. Its exchange supports 20 cryptocurrencies and its list of customers, partners and investors show that its white-label product is well supported.

Its architecture engine has been developed with a focus on global markets. It can process up to 1 million transactions per second and is based on modular construction. It supports integration with almost all types of banking structures, payment gateways and fiat currency and the company claim that its security systems are built on the same architecture that is used by the world’s largest banks.

Hashcash Consultants

Founded in 2015, Hashcash has substantial expertise and knowledge in developing white label cryptocurrency trading platforms. It operates its owns cryptocurrency exchange platform, Paybito, and offers a wide range of blockchain solutions and services.

These include:

  • Сryptocurrency development

Their platform supports the major world fiat currencies and multiple cryptocurrencies. It offers a multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallets and bank-level defences to protect users from hackers.


Devexperts offers a multi-asset, multi-market white label trading platform and is experienced in undertaking large, complex software development projects. It has 17 years of experience in building capital market software solutions and offers a wide range of solutions and services.

It claims to offer the financial industry’s broadest array of software solutions for buy-side, sell-side and exchanges.

The critical elements of its white-label offering include a trading platform that is connected to third-party cryptocurrency liquidity providers, a high-performance matching engine and access to cryptocurrency market data. It offers multicurrency, token and margin trading.

The company has a broad list of partners and a good reputation in the market.


Velmie has been delivering leading-edge financial technology solutions for two decades and was one of the first companies to introduce enterprise blockchain technology to the financial services industry. It offers a white-label digital asset trading platform that is ready-made, fully customizable and liquidity-ready.

The platform is based on modular, microservices, cloud-based architecture and supports multiple currencies, including fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions. It has an inbuilt core banking solution and facilitates independent KYC/AML compliance verification.

The white label trading platform offers advanced scalability, crypto payment gateway and an enterprise-grade back-end platform backed by institutional-grade security for cryptocurrency assets and keys.

Founded in 2014, positions itself as a ready-made solution for launching a cryptocurrency exchange business in a month. The popular white-label crypto-currency developer offers a wide range of broker and cryptocurrency solutions. Its trading platform supports trading in unlimited assets, including digital assets, fiat currencies, forex and equities.

Its platform offers integration by API with a range of electronic wallets, including Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Yandex Money and Qiwi, as well as payment service and KYC providers. It has an affiliate system that rewards trades for referrals and provides liquidity for multiple currency pairs.


These are just five of the many white-label crypto-currency trading platform providers out there. But we believe they are well worth considering. They set the benchmark for what you should be considering before you choose a partner who will enable you to create a competitive, compelling and cost-effective trading platform that will hopefully outlast and outperform the many others out there.

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